The Bird House

Inspired by several birdhouse designs we have seen in our neighborhood Cheryl decided to make her own. This is an original design  by Cheryl and was cut on our CNC machine. All of the hinges and widows are actually part of the carving design and are not added on. Although the house looks huge in this picture it is actually 8x8x18 inches in size and is 2 levels (note the front and side holes)  the upper is a roosting box and the lower a nesting box.

After designing and carving the walls Cheryl cut them out and braced them to see how they fit up.

This is the first coat of stain after gluing and nailing the walls together. The roof has been made and fitted also.

Fitting the roof, the entry holes have been drilled.

The finished birdhouse. Cheryl added a galvanized roof to finish off the house and we hung it off of the side of the studio porch.

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