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We started our shop in March 2013, out of a natural growth of our interests. We wanted to start a business that we could work together and grow with. Both of us have always had an interest and talent for woodworking and design (Cheryl is a fantastic designer) so we began searching for ideas and here we are. It is truly our desire and goal to constantly grow and improve our business and meet our customers expectations fully. We would also like to hear any ideas or comments you may have, please convo us we would appreciate your input.
Have a great day!
Rick & Cheryl
Quality Comes First
A lot of time and planning goes into making the perfect sign for you.
To maintain and ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we will provide you with a detailed computer generated preview of your plaque before your design is cut; allowing you to make any final changes.
All of our custom plaques are constructed in the same manner a cabinet maker constructs a solid cabinet door. First three or four planks are selected (depending on final board width needed) for quality, grain and color, these planks are then planed and cut to length and width, each edge is then planed so that the edges can be glued and joined. Once the board is joined it is planed again and finish sanded. We are now ready to make a plaque.
When you place your order Cheryl begins the design process, laying out your order and determining what size of board will be needed. (You will receive a draft for your approval) Width is standard and length will vary with each order.

Why do we do all of this? Why not just get a plank from the big box and carve it, wouldn't it be quicker and cheaper? We do this because this is how we would build something for ourselves. Building a plaque with this construction helps reduce the warping and twisting that will take place when wood is exposed to different climates and humidity. Because we select each plank we can control the knots and imperfections that may appear when carving your plaque.

Where we get our lumber
All of our plaques are 100% hand selected lumber. We purchase all of our plaque stock from King Lumber of Wauseon, Ohio. They are a local 3rd generation family owned sawmill. We appreciate being able to use locally harvested and milled lumber in the production of our products.
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